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Gift In Kind (Securities & Non Cash Assets)

Most Americans carry only 10 percent of their wealth in the form of cash. The remaining 90 percent is tied up in non-cash assets, such as stock, real estate, business interests and even services. By considering all the resources God has entrusted you to manage, you can multiply the Kingdom impact of your generosity to Moody Bible Institute AND eliminate unwanted costs and stress.


If you have appreciated stock or other securities you've owned for at least a year, you may receive a significant tax benefit by donating this stock to Moody Bible Institute. You could receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock, as well as avoid paying capital gains tax. This makes giving appreciated stock a much more cost effective option than giving cash.

Benefits of Giving Stock and Other Securities

  • Receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value
  • Avoid capital gains tax
  • Achieve greater Kingdom impact without reducing cash flow

If you have securities that have declined in value over the years and are interested in donating them, you may find it more advantageous to sell the securities first and contribute the proceeds as opposed to donating the securities outright. This strategy should allow you to claim a deduction for both the loss from the sale of the securities as well as the charitable gift. Consult with your financial advisor to determine which option is best for you.


Give more to Moody Bible Institute at a lower cost than you ever thought possible through a gift of real estate. Whether you're wanting to liquidate a vacation home, farm or rental property, giving real estate holds significant benefits for you AND God's Kingdom.

Types of Real Estate

-Rental property
-Farm of agricultural property
-Vacation home

-Commercial real estate
-Vacant land
-Primary residence

Benefits of Gifting Appreciated Real Estate

  • Resourceful. Turn real estate you no longer need or wish to manage into a charitable gift.
  • Tax-wise. Receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the property and eliminate capital gains tax.
  • Impactful. Support the important mission of Moody Bible Institute.

Real estate that has increased in value is a particularly excellent asset to use for charitable giving. Many people give a portion of their real estate prior to a sale. By doing so, they can bypass the capital gain on that portion of the property and receive a charitable deduction for the portion gifted.


Give directly from your harvest to stretch the value of your donation! By giving commodities—such as grains, soybeans, corn, fruits, nuts and even livestock—to Moody Bible Institute, you can achieve greater Kingdom impact and experience personal tax savings.

Benefits of Giving Commodities

  • Reduce your taxable income. Unlike gifts of cash, when you transfer ownership of a commodity before it is sold, you can eliminate the amount of the gift from your taxable income—even if you take the standard deduction. Cash basis, active producers may reduce their federal income, state income and self-employment taxes.
  • Deduct your production costs. You may also claim a business deduction for the production costs of the commodity (such as fertilizer or irrigation), regardless of whether those costs occurred in the current year or prior years


Another way to support Moody Bible Institute is through gifts of tangible personal property or services. Examples include: artwork, special library collections, furnishings, computer software or hardware, vehicles and airplanes, as well as professional services that you or your company may offer that could be beneficial to the mission or operational needs of Moody.

Unique non-cash assets and services must first be approved and accepted through Moody's gift acceptance process.


To learn more about our gift acceptance policy and whether your non-cash asset may be beneficial to further Kingdom work at Moody, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you and answer your questions.